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Beta Release:07/02/2021 Time:18:00 Gmt+1

What You will Find in BETA
All the event's will be active
Power Up Store Will be Free
Gear +all you Need to play will be in your Invetory

Rewards For Beta Top User Ranking:
Top 1 - 6000 Knight Cash
Top 2 - 4000 Knight Cash
Top 3 - 3000 Knight Cash
Top 4 - 2000 Knight Cash
Top 5 - 1200 Knight Cash
The rewards will be Obtain for Both Nation's in each Grade of Ranking
Bonus reward:
TOP 1 Karus & El Morad Clan Leader gets 2500 Knight Cash
TOP 1 user of TOP 100 Ranking gets 2500 Knight Cash
TOP 1 Country Ranking(the user from the first country with most nps) Gets 2500 Knight Cash

Official Release:12/02/2021 Time:18:00 Gmt+1
There will be No stages,All will be Active
All the event's will be active
Master at 60-62 Level must be Done!
Master 70 skill is Auto after you do the 60lvl Master Quest

Server Info:
We are Using v1299 with Soacs Files!
Option.exe For Easy View-Unview Wings and pathos Gloves
Server Level Cap is 72 
Best armor is Chitin Shell and you can Upgrade them with valkyre,bahamut,gryphon scroll to give them +2 stats and style
You can Call AnarchyKO a Medium Light Farm Server!
Max Item Upgrade Will be +8 From the Start

Max AccessoriesUpgrade For Now is +0 The +1 will Open Later
Begginer Gears Can be Obtain from Moradon Quests! check Forum at Guide Section
For More Information About your Server you can find in forums

Site Adresi: www.anarchyko.com