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    GR: Can we wait for a team to win a Super Bowl once before worrying about them building a dynasty? The NFL is set up to eliminate dynasties because there are at least five or more teams every year that seem to have an equal chance of winning the title by the time we get to September. There's no reason to think that's changing anytime soon.So my answer would be that no team is likely to be the next dynasty.

    Will Seattle Seahawks be the NFLs next dynasty? And now, another wholly organic email chain from the Around The League team:From: Hanzus, DanSent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 3:34 PMTo: Sessler, Marc, Rosenthal, Gregg, Wesseling, ChrisSubject: ORGANIC EMAIL CHAIN 5The Niners and Seahawks have engaged in some fun back-and-forth sniping of late, but Vernon Davis has some serious respect for his division rival.

    MS: Gregg: That's no fun Chargers Authentic Jersey Nike.Seattle is a logical pick. You see the seeds of a tight coach/quarterback relationship, paired with a nasty defense and a general manager that operates in tune.

    There's no question the NFL is set up to avoid juggernauts. But if we wait for a team to win a Super Bowl before they're eligible for future dynasty status, doesn't that defeat the point of this exercise? What good is prognostication if everybody knows it's already happened? Stand out from the crowd, go out on a limb, step into the batter's box and take a swing.DH: It's easy to fall down the What If rabbit hole in dynasty talk.

    The same way the Patriots were lauded for viewing free agency and the draft differently, today's Seahawks under Pete Carroll and John Schneider are re-imagining team-building Detroit Lions Authentic VIP Jersey. If Russell Wilson builds on last season, what's not to like here?They get my vote, with the 49ers close behind. CW: If not for Tyree's helmet catch, Samuel's dropped interception and Gronkowski's high-ankle sprain, would we consider the Patriots one long dynasty?If that's your angle, though, it's tough to argue.

    He told Jeff Darlington on Tuesday they're building a dynasty over there. ATL: Organic email chains», ATL gang discusses top NFL receivers», Discussing ATL's list of top QBs», Which rookie RB will have biggest impact?», Weighing in on NFL running back debate», Should Jets trade Revis? A friendly debateIs Davis nuts? Or are the Seahawks the NFL's most likely team to go on a multi-title roll over the next decade?ORGANIC Lions Authentic Nike Jersey.CW: Davis nailed this one.

    It's a lot more likely that we don't have any dynasties for another decade or more. DH: I feel like Gregg just draped a sopping wet blanket over my computer screen. GR: Here's more sogginess: Even the last dynasty (New England) was essentially two great teams ('03 and '04) with a random lucky year thrown in.

    I ranked the Seahawks as the team with the strongest roster prior to the draft. What's even more relevant to this discussion is that their most valuable players (Wilson, Harvin, Lynch, Okung, Unger, Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, Wagner) are all 27 years old or younger Jaguars Authentic NFL Jersey. From purely a roster composition perspective, I think the conversation has to start with Seattle even if arguments can be made for the 49ers, Falcons, Packers, Redskins, Ravens, Patriots and Colts.

    What if Jon Kasay doesn't kick the ball out of bounds? What if Lewis Billups doesn't drop that Joe Montana pass? What if Scott Norwood goes high middle instead of wide right? The list goes on and on.GR: Wess shamed me into answering the question. Without overcomplicating things, the team with the best quarterback should have the best chance to lead a dynasty.


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